Art on the Run is an event which combines two excellent things – art and running. We want everyone who wants to take part in Art on the Run to be able to do so. We’ve got some facilities in place to ensure this, which you can find more about below.

There will be creative programming, which forms a major part of the Art on the Run experience. If you need details of this beyond what is outlined on the website, please do get in touch!

If there is anything you’re concerned about, or suggestions for what would make your Art on the Run experience more enjoyable, please do let us know. Contact Callum at

Personal Assistant Tickets

If you require a PA to run with you, they are entitled to free entry. You will need to book this on the Access Requirements Form (at the bottom of the page). We do ask for some proof of need, but if this does not apply to you please get in touch with Callum at

Accessible Parking

There is parking close to the route, part of which will be sectioned off as Accessible Parking. This will be grassed field, and more detail on distances from the car park to the starting area will be provided (if you need specific information please do get in touch).

To book, please use the Access Requirements Form at the bottom of this page.

Assistance dogs

We can’t allow for runners to bring their dogs along with them, with the exception of guide dogs. Please use the Access Requirements Form below to let us know if you need to bring your Assistance Dog with you.

The Route

The route is made up of hard paths throughout. There is one section of the course which is a hill over approx. 10 meters. If you have questions about the route, the running surface, hills or anything else – give Callum an email on

The access requirements form can be found here